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Per Aah (pharaoh) Akhuenaton adores the Aton while receiving wisdom of spirit and matter from Aton.

Atonism: Sage Akhuenaton Wisdom Philosophy for the Liberation of the Human Soul: Teaching by Sehu Khepera Ank

          Sage Akhunaton was one of the highest sages of Ancient Egypt.  Through examination of the teachings which he espoused, it is readily seen that he was a very high spiritual master, and not a heretic as has been postulated by writers and Egyptologists.  During his lifetime he reached a level by where he far-surpassed many of his countrymen in spirit matters, thus was able to choose a teaching that was highly esoteric in nature.


          He was misunderstood due to the abstract nature of the philosophy he chose for the country, not unlike Jesus who was crucified and betrayed by some of his own disciples.  When he moved the center of the country from Thebes to Amarna, he did something that was in keeping with the tradition of very Ancient times.  The populace would adopt the Tutelary Divinity of the King; thus since there is no evidence that the Theban priesthood fell out of favor with Sage King Akhunaton, much written on this issue is conjecture, the priesthood most likely allowed him to institute his reforms without the much written about turmoil that he supposedly brought upon his own people and the Theban priesthood.


          This series of lectures outlines the great and marvelous teachings which Sage Akhunaton espoused.  It is a teaching not unlike the Buddhist insight of the cessation of suffering through the realization of emptiness.  Atonism can also be seen as a mystic cousin to Memphite Theology from the City of Memphis, Egypt, with the Tutelary Divinity being Ptah.  Thus it is highly philosophic in nature, inherently profound and contains the Divine fruits that leads the human person to ultimate spiritual victory, while alive.

Per Aah Akhuenaton in the form of a sphinx (Hor em Akhet-Heru in the Horizon) worshiping the Aton while receiving spiritual illumination from the Aton.


Aton Video Lecture series coming soon.

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