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The Ancient Egyptian Devotional to Goddess Net is a morning ritual dedicated to the progenitor Goddess of the Ancient Egyptian Tradition. The authentic liturgy is performed in the ancient Egyptian language where al aspects were transliterated by Sehu Khepera directly from hieroglyphic sources with translation so you can follow easily and participate or simply listen and enjoy.  The flow of the liturgy is derived from various hieroglyphic sources and follows Goddess Net's   mystic and mythological tenets. Each devotional also contains a meditation practice of which you can participate in for relaxation, calming of mind and spiritual enlightenment. At end of the meditation practice Sehu Khepera gives an overview spoken discourse on the mysteries of  Net and other ancient Egyptian teachings and philosophies. 


For a yearly nominal fee of $20.00 you will have access to all devotionals, meditations and spoken discourses. You will also have access to a downloadable PDF full color  copy of the liturgy. You can also send questions directly to Sehu Khepera at sehuankh@gmail.com for discussion as you listen and reflect on these great teachings from ancient times, from Ancient Egypt, Kemet.


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