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Once you have become a member of this site you will be privy to all the teachings and mystic instruction contained within the video dissemination of the Ancient Egyptian mystery four primary schools of thought  and their auxiliary teachings and disciplines. You will also find an extensive collection of wisdom teachings from the olden sages such as Ptah Hotep and Instruction to Meri Kar as well as devotional and meditation practices, for spiritual evolution and spiritual enlightenment.


Before beginning to go through the site, it s advisable to go to the Introduction page and go through those videos first then venture from there by clicking on tabs labeled with the disciplinary philosophy you are interested in. Once there go through all of the videos in that collection before moving on to another area of the mystery school system.


Keep in mind that vidoes will be continually added to the site on a weekly basis from ongoing lecture series as well as teachings that were recorded but not yet made available. Therefore, this ste is an ongoing organic model designed to bring the Sehatut Neter (mysteries of the Divine) to the user. You will be notified of new uploads via email and are privy to ask questions to SEHU either by email (sehuankh@gmailcom) or phone (342) 473-6162.


May you find this site rewarding, enriching and enlightening.


em Hetep,

Temple of Net

To become a member of Shetaut Neter Temple of Net / Arat Sekhem fill out the form below with associated payment and this will give you access to the extensive lecture series on this web site.  Upon receipt of your subscription payment you will receive an email indicating your membership approve.  Go to the "Member Log In" page to create your username and password.

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