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Sehu Khepera Ankh

Kemetic Yoga Association

Temple of Goddess Net (Arat Sekhem)


Sehu Khepera Ankh re-incarnated in Bronx, New York to parents from St. Croix USVI in the Caribbean, where he grew up and now lives. Sehu Khepera is the spiritual leader of the Temple of Net. He is a disciple and longtime student of Sebai Maa Dr. Muata Ashby in the Shetaut Neter (Ancient Egyptian Mysteries) mystery tradition. Sehu was initiated into Shetaut Neter by Dr. Muata Ashby (Sebai Maa) and Dr. Karen Clarke Ashby (Seba Dja) in 2002 in Opp, Alabama.


He has also received mystical yoga instruction from Swami Jyotirmayananda in Miami Florida at the Yoga Research Foundation and from Buddhist Monks and teachers Khenpo Tenzin Norgey (under the guidance of His Holiness Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche) at the Palyul Retreat Center in Upstate New York where he completed the Nyungne Retreat which is characterized by fasting, purification and compassion, and Khenpo Ngawang Dorjee at the Tashi Choeling Buddhist Center in Virginia where he was instructed in Kalachakra Tantra philosophy, Other Emptiness Philosophy, and foundational practice of said philosophies and principles of the subtle body.


Sehu Khepera now performs basic research in the Ancient Egyptian Shetaut Neter mystery tradition where he remains a member of the Neterian clergy.

As the founder and developer of the Kemetic Yoga Association and the Temple of Net (Arat), in St. Croix United States Virgin Islands he gives spiritual teachings in the various Ancient Egyptian religious theologies and philosophy. He has given well over one thousand discourses on ancient Egyptian religion, philosophy, mysticism and culture. Sehu Khepera is the author of twelve books on the esoteric teachings of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) religion and mysteries. In 2015 he inaugurated the reemergence of the Sunnu (Ancient Egyptian Healer) path which held its first initiation of modern Sunnu practitioners in 2018 in Abydos, Egypt. He has now started giving lessons in the Goddess Net tradition and in the philosophy of Heru Behudet from the hieroglyphic text.

He has given extensive weekly discourses on the Amt Duat text, the topic of his most work, for the past three years to his Amt Duat students.

The Kemetic Yoga Association organization is used to research and disseminate the spiritual (mystical) and philosophical teachings of olden Egyptian Civilization. He continues to teach and espouse the mystical philosophies of Ancient Egypt. His books are published under Kemetic Mysteries Books.



  • We are not a  church

  • We are not a  cult

  • We are not New Age

  • We are not Masons


         We are a Kamitan African religion referred to as Shetaut Neter (oldest documented written African term for religion) in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic text which originated in North East Africa in ancient Egypt which is a continuous living tradition (10,500 BCE - present). 



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