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The Ancient Egyptian Eucharist
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From Hieroglyphic Text Sehu Khepera Ankh will present an extensive study and examination of the teachings of Heru Behedet. Heru Bhedet is the warrior aspect of Heru that takes on the battle against his arch-nemesis who goes by the name of Set. This great epic drama, set forth in hieroglyphic text by the sages of ancient times, details the battles, struggles and reveals the necessary equipment needed to overcome Set and arise in spiritual glory over all the world. For the first time since ancient times, Sehu will present the complete teaching through his original and direct translations of the hieroglyphic text, detail its mysteries and the secrets of the mystic soul of every human being through the Philosophical Narrative Procedure (developed by Sehu Khepera Ankh in the book The Ultimate Nature of Mind) and its posits. Join in this historic and eventful journey into the land of spiritual victory.



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