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Kemetic Mysteries Books

The word SBAIT means 'Teaching'. These books are the Kmt Sbait (Egyptian Teachings)

 that are brought forth through Sehu Khepera Ankh.

****Please note, all books are in PDF format and you will receive a digital copy via email.****

The Ultimate Nature of Mind: The Secret Teachings of the Infinite Mind from the Ancient Egyptian Shabaka Stone for the Highest Wisdom and Self Mastery Over the Forces of Nature


The Ancient Egyptian Shabaka Stone holds some of the highest teachings in all of Ancient Egyptian literature regarding the nature of the human mind and gives great insight into the human psycho-spiritual experience.   It can be seen as the pinnacle of Kemetic Philosophy and surrounds the Divinity Ptah and the forces of mind.  An aspect of these teachings is called Memphite Theology and the entire text details the extraordinary pathway to mastery over the pre cognitive and cognitive states of consciousness.  This text presents an original translation by Sehu Khepera Ankh of the original hieroglyphic text gleaned from original photographs and details the great profundity of the Kemetic spiritual teachings which demonstrates their vast sophistication on par with the great spiritual traditions from around the world.


ISBN-13: 978-0972302982


PRICE:  $22.00

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Super Consciousness: The Ancient Egyptian High Mysticism of the Four Sons of Heru
This volume explores the profound mysticism of the teachings of the ancient Kemetic deity, Heru and his Four Sons. What are the secrets of the human soul? How does it relate to the universe? What is the ultimate destiny of every human being?

How can the cosmic powers of the Four Sons of Heru be used to lead one to a state of complete and established enlightenment?  These questions are answered as for the first time ever this astonishing teaching is being revealed in book form, for the world's enlightenment, from the priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt through Sehu Khepera.


ISBN-13:  978-0972302982


Price:  $22

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Traditional Egyptian Wisdom: The Sacred Path to Liberation


What is wisdom?  How is it attained? How to use wisdom in everyday life?  How can it be used to achieve higher consciousness?  What is the mystical meaning of the Kemetic term Rekh?  These questions are answered as the inner teachings of the Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Path are extrapolated upon in full detail with a study of the hieroglyphic text pertaining to the priest craft of wisdom enfoldment.


ISBN-13: 978-0972302968


Price: $18.00

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Atonism: A Mystic Synergy: The Ancient Egyptian Esoteric Tradition of Enlightenment


This volume explores the teachings that were espoused by the Sage King Akhenaton.  It illustrates the vast and profound implications of the sun disc symbol that was used as the primary emblem of the philosophy that has caused many to postulate that Akhenaton was the first monotheist.  This volume clarifies the issue concerning the postulated monotheism of Akhenaton and personality of him, who would become one of the most well known Ancient Egyptian leaders.  It also makes clear and concise, the teachings of the Aton that can be used today by anyone to achieve the inner calm and tranquility that is so essential to well being and inner fulfillment.  This is the first definitive volume on the teachings of the Aton.


ISBN-13:   978-0972302951


Price:  $21.00

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Mysticism of the Har Khebi Sarcophagus: Ancient Egyptian Secrets to the Awakening of the Human Soul

What is the nature and purpose of the human soul and how are the common experiences of all human beings related to the greater purpose of life?  What is Mysticism and what is the process of meditation?  All of these questions are answered as the deeper revelations of the ancient mystics are revealed. The Kemetic (Egyptian) heirophants had a profound understanding of the complete human experience and these ideas they placed in written form on Coffins and Sarcophagi.  Here for the very first time an authentic few thousand year old Egyptian sarcophagus is examined and its inner teachings are explained.


ISBN-13:  978-0972302913


Price:  $18.00

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The Cosmic Mind: The Philosophy of the Seven Ancient Egyptian Mysteries of Mind and Enlightenment


For the first time the complete philosophy of the 7 ancient teachings of mind and consciousness as espoused in the olden temple city of Khemenu, Egypt, is made available for careful study and application.  The early Greek students of the Egyptian Mysteries studied and practiced the philosophy of Djehuty, under the term Hermetics.  This ancient African philosophy can be used today as a means to achieve spiritual illumination and develop mastery over the mind.  The studies and philosophy of Djehuty, a native Egyptian Deity, are a unique statement of the depth and profundity of Ancient African mysticism, philosophy, yoga and religion. These teachings of Lord Djehuty are fully explained and illustrated making this manual the first disclosure of the 7 inner mysteries of Lord Djehuty.


ISBN-13:  978-0972302920


Price:  $25.00

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Arat Sekhem: The Ancient Egyptian Mystery Meditation for Transcendence


Arat Sekhem is the Goddess tradition of Life Force cultivation that was practiced in Ancient Egypt thousands of years before its advent in India under the term Kundalini Yoga.  This system emerged from Egypt and migrated to India where there is no contradiction within the two systems.  This text illustrates the Ancient Egyptian form of the discipline.  The teachings and techniques pertaining to this facet of meditation were used by the initiates and heirophants of olden Egypt to discover and explore higher planes of consciousness.  These teachings can be used today by anyone to achieve the transcendental state of being and it illuminates the hidden mysteries of the mind and the inner secrets that reveal the power of enlightenment and the attainment of immortality.


ISBN-13:  978-0972302937


Price: $25.00

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Introduction to Kemetic Yoga: The Fundamental Teachings of Mystic Integration that were Established by the Shemsu Nebedjer by 5,000-10,000 BCE [


The philosophy and teachings of Yoga were espoused at a very remote time in human history.  Scientific and archeological evidence has already proven that ancient Egypt was a highly developed and thriving civilization and substantiates the research that Yoga was practiced in Africa prior to its emergence in other parts of the world.  Much of the evidence that is gathered to show the sophistication and refinement of the ancient culture comes from the study of the remarkable monuments and writings that have been left behind by the olden peoples.  Yet the question beckons, how was all of that done?  What was the technology that was used?  What did the people believe in that drove them to such heights?  This book answers those questions and outlines the basic teachings and philosophy of Yoga of ancient Egypt that was the impetus for their power.  Mystic Integration refers to the harmonizing of the personality so that a balance can be struck with the cosmos, the person and with the Supreme Being.  This occurrence on a great scale was the fuel that the olden people of ancient Egypt used to develop themselves and their fellow beings to such a degree that has not been equaled since, but is available now.


ISBN-13: 978-0972302944


Price:  $12.00

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