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Amt Duat Book
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Greetings ALL,

Dua (Thank you) for your interest in the Amt Duat Book.

This very special text covers the 4th through 6th Divisions (metaphysical processes) of Amt Duat and includes a first-ever authentic translation of all the hieroglyphs on the golden shrine of Tutankhamun making this volume of immense importance in concern of and understanding of the spiritual tradition of Ancient Egypt.

Although much has been written about the Amt Duat text in modern academia, other books and video presentations on the internet, its essential teachings and inner mysteries as prescribed by the sages of Ancient Egypt (Kemet), through the initiatory formula of Ancient Egypt (Kemet) {Shetaut Neter}  is missing from the current literature.


In this second volume and subsequent volumes to follow, Sehu Khepera reveals the deeper meaning behind the "Netherworld Guide" and demonstrates the profound mystic physiology of the spirit bodies of the human being and the deep-seated mystic psychology presented in the text by the sages of olden Egypt (Kemet), revelatory of the yogic process to spiritual enlightenment.


'As It Is' means that this volume and the subsequent volumes to follow does not delve into speculation, guesswork, theory, hyperbole, other religious systems or anything of the sort, but essentially brings forth the teaching in the manner, through careful examination of the text according to the spiritual formula of Kemetic religion (Shetaut Neter) concomitant with the metaphysics of the burial place, as was intended by the Pharaonic and priests/priestesses sages so many thousands of years ago, As it is.

Order your very own copy of this very important and essential spiritual text, the pathway to immortality, as prescribed by the sages of Ancient Egypt (Kemet). As it is.

Dua (Thank you) for your interest. 


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