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Udja (Greetings) ALL,

em Hotep

Class Schedule:

Saturday 5:30am Goddess Net Early Morning Devotional-status open to everyone

Our early morning devotional is performed by members of the Temple of Net in the Ancient Egyptian language from the liturgy which contains Portuguese translations as well. The session is followed by a brief wisdom teaching.


Saturday 9:00am Mysteries of Goddess Net Lecture Series-status coming soon..

This course covers the philosophical teachings, mythology and mysticism of the Goddess tradition specific to Goddess Net (Neith) from hieroglyphic sources translated by Sehu Khepera Ankh.


Saturday 4:00pm Ancient Egyptian Medicine-status closed..

This course covers the therapeutic and mystic systems of healing modalities and Sunnu (Kemetic Healer) healing philosophy of Ancient Egypt, from Ancient Egyptian sources. The class remains open until May 11th thereafter will be closed. Matriculation (sign up) link is:


Sunday 2:30pm (variable) Sunnu Continuing Education-status closed except to graduates of AEM course.

The Sunnu continuing education course is closed except to those who have graduated from the AEM course.

Access to prior lecture series:

Videos are uploaded from these lectures. Specialty lecture video series are uploaded on a regular basis.  To gain access to prior lecture series go to the Class/Events page.

All classes are held on ZOOM an announcement with a link to join the class is sent via email the day before.  If you have problems logging on, please send an email to 

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