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Hymn to Amun


Composed by Shepsu Suty and Shepsu Heru during the Reign of Amenehetep III, 18th Dynasty; Transliterated and Translated by Sehu Khepera Ankh, Kemetic Year, 38,777 (2011)

Amun and Mewt from Temple of Seti Ua; Stele of Sheps Suty and Heru

Opening Chant: From Line 1


Dua Amun chet-ef uben ef em Heru Aakhuty anetej hr k Ra Nefer neb uben


Adorations to Amun who rises through  Heru Aakhuty; Homage to the Beautiful Ra in your rising

Meduw au an ar-ef abu Khepera ur em Katu abuthenu k em her an rechtu sedem an nesuw mi schekemu em thennu k


Do not fail to give praise to great Khepera, conceptual thought processes radiate through his reflection,  he is not known, but, as  powers through luminosity. {Manifestations of aggregative properties along a continuum from mental energy to visible light and so on).

Petatu nubi nht hau k mess anty mestu ef uah her sepu ef sebbi heh hrtt-tu em heh  hr es em ef


(the) Heavens and earth are glimmering, thy unassailable forms have been fashioned, (the) one (who) gives birth by himself, (yet) who is not born, movements of eternity through millions of years in his Divine form.


Mi  nht em thennuk mi nht thennuk hrt pet thn awun k era em es wudja k pet hrkuahr maa k shen k amuntu em heru


Like luminous trees, like luminous trees (in) heaven the complexion of your skin sparkles; as (you) ferry across (the) sky (the) multitudes go to see (their) hidden faces {reflection}.

Snew di k tuw seba tjentuw erd sekhetet gue hem k  hru ketuw-ur hept k ateru em hehkatu ta


Thou gives one  light (In the ) morning, strong is thy majestic boat (is thy) day, journey over roads (of) millions (and) hundreds (of) moments (cycles)

Hru  k hr k sebi s hetep k qem en k unut-k khr mitit mes mes en k es an Khepera sebuw em kat k arit neb


day of movement (a series of actions advancing a principle)  of peace in (the) black  hours of night; likewise to produce (what)  belongs  but never Khepera’s (creation; what comes into existence)  desire (conceptual stirring of the mind) through  persons (you) make all

maa senuw yam k an kem senew chet-ef hetep hem k senhep k er uben duwaw hedewt k weba swut


See not our darkness therein (but) our accordance (with) peace; majesty (you) rise with illumination (in the) morning (to) brighten (and) open (our) eyes (with) illumination (make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear)

Photos above, male and female initiate in Divine embrace with Amun from Karmak Temple

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