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Maat Philosophy

Maat Philosophy

          Maat philosophy is an aspect of Smai Tawi and was the very basis of Ancient Egyptian civilization.  Maat is at once a Goddess, a cosmic principle, and moral ethical philosophy.  The cosmic principle of Maat pervades the universe and is the force that maintains creation and functions through nature and human interactions; hence she is the cosmic force that operates the universe.  Thus Maat is an aspect of the All Encompassing Divinity in a relative application as justice, truth, righteousness, morality and moral ethical discipline.  Maat is a social construct of laws, rules and regulations that allow society to be maintained in harmony and balance which therefore becomes the platform by which an enlightened civilization is created and thrives.  If there is no moral ethical basis for culture and society then it is doomed to failure, corruption and eventual downfall.  In the spiritual life of a human being, Maat is the very foundation upon which spiritual realization takes place and by which a human being can achieve higher states of consciousness.  Maat has implications for society (culture) and the individual within society and culture.


          With attainment of ethereal states of consciousness comes the great possibility to achieve spiritual enlightenment-NEHAST.  Thus, in ancient Egyptian mystical process, spiritual enlightenment is as if born from Maat ,that is, the product of a life lived in morality, ethical conscience, truth and discipline of the mind and senses.  Therefore, Maat is a great philosophy with immense ramifications to the life of a human being.  Maat is a series of disciplines that leads to the purification of the personality.  When the mind is purified the personality becomes polarized towards higher levels of consciousness.  Therefore the aim and purpose of Maat is to develop a person of higher mind.  The very crux of Maat philosophy is to lead the human entity to a state of consciousness that allows for a removal of the mental and emotional afflictions that acts as a barrier between the mind of a human being and spiritual consciousness.  Below is a detailed discourse by Sehu Khepera Ankh on the great philosophy of Maat, of Ancient Egypt, Kemet.

Maat Philosophy I

Maat Philosophy II

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