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Memphite Theology

           Memphite Theology, a very old and ancient tradition from Ancient Egypt, gives great insight into the nature of the human mind in particular regarding the pre cognitive and cognitive states of mind in relation to the Absolute (Neberdjer).  The teaching surrounds the mythos and mysticism of Ptah his consort Sekhmet and their son Nefertem.  This teaching is detailed on a document that has now come to be called the Shabaka Stone. The Ancient Egyptian Shabaka Stone contains some of the highest teachings concerning the human psycho spiritual experience and the path to spiritual enlightenment.  This document, astoundingly gives great insight into the nature of the mind, its ultimate mode of being and how to properly understand it and transcend the lower ethereal realms for the attainment of full blown enlightenment.

The following teaching details the fundamental principles of the Shabaka Stone and how it relates to the mysticism of Memphite Theology of Ancient Egyptian Religion and Philosophy.

Philosophy and Spiritual Teachings of Ancient Egypt

Sehu Khepera Ankh

How to Watch the Kemetic Philosophy Video Series:



The Videos are arranged in ten minute segments. Watch each segment in the sequence in which they are presented.  Have a writing implement and pad to take notes of teachings that resonate with you or that you find relevant.  After each segment take some time, perhaps 24 hours to reflect on those parts that have significance to your spiritual development and life situation.  Thus a 7 part discourse should take a week to view, engaging one 10 miniute segment per day.  You may go back to a previous segment for review before starting a new aspect of the video.  After reflection, make a consorted effort to change those things in your persoanlity that you would like to see transformed and send in any questions to for clarification on points that may seem confusing.  Once an entire doscourse is viewed write a short summary of what you learned from the teaching and how it can be adopted in your life towards positive means.



For the Benefit of All Beings,

Sehu Khepera Ankh

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