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Neterian Creed

What do Neterians Believe in? The Neterian Creed: What I Believe in?


Based on the scriptures and Traditions of Shetaut Neter

By Sebai Maa and Seba Dja Ashby



          As a Neterian, I follow the Ancient African-Kamitan religious path of Shetaut Neter, which teaches about the mysteries of the Supreme Being, Neberdjer, the All Encompssing Divinity.  I believe that from Neberdjer proceed all the Neteru (gods and goddesses), and all the worlds, and the entire universe.  Since Neberdjer manifests as the Neteru, Neberdjer can be worshiped as a god or a goddess.  I believe that there is only one Supreme Being, Neberdjer, and that the gods and goddesses are expressions of the One Supreme Being, Neberdjer.  As a Neterian, I strive tio come into harmony with the gods and goddesses, the Neteru, by developing within my personality the different virtuous and divine qualities they symbolize; this will lead me closer to Neberdjer.  As a Netarian, I also believe that Supreme Being I call Neberdjer is the same Supreme Being that is worshipped by other religions under different names.


          I believe that Neberdjer established all creation on Maat, righteousness, truth, and order and that my actions, termed Ari, determine the quality of life I lead and experience.  If I act with Maat (positive Ari) my path will be free of suffering and pain.  When I forget Maat and act in an unrighteous manner (negative Ari), I invite suffering and pain into my life.


          As a Netarian I belive when my body dies, my heart’s actions will be examined against Maat.  If it is found that I upheld Maat during my lifetime, I will have positive Ari, and my Akhu (spirit) will become one with Neberdjer for all eternity.  This is called Nehast, the Spiritual Awakening-Enlightenment.  If it is found that I have acted with selfishness and greed, I will have negative Ari, and my Ba (soul) will suffer after death and then be reincarnated again to live in the world of time and space again.  This is called Uhemankh (reincarnation).


          As a Neterian I belive in the teaching of Shemsu, following the path of Shetaut Neter, practicing the disciplines of Shedy, which include: Study of Wisdom teachings (Rech-Ab), Devotion to God (Uashu), Acting with righteousness (Maat) and Meditation (Uaa).  Neberdjer provided the Shetitu, the spiritual teaching that was written in Medu Neter (hieroglyphic scripture) so that the Shemsu (followers) might study the wisdom teaching of Shetaut Neter.  Two most important Neterian scriptures are the Pert M Hru and the Hessu Amun, and the most important myth is the Asarian Resurrection.


          By the practice of the disciplines of Shedy, I will discover the Shetaut (Mysteries) of life and become Maakheru, Pure of Heart.  I will become one with God even before death, and I will discover supreme peace, abiding happiness and fulfillment of my life’s purpose, and promote peace and harmony for the world.


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