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Sage Ptah Hotep

          The teachings of Sage Ptah Hotep, who was vizier under the King  Jedkari Isesi (3000BCE) are a very profound treatise and philosophy on moral ethical excellence as it relates in the treatment of others and how human beings are to comport themselves in the face of adversity, triumph and the day to day toils of human existence.  The great text addresses the qualities needed by a leader, those responsible for leading others and the teaching’s profundity lies in its admonitions against harsh treatment of subordinates.  Sage Ptah Hotep extols the necessary characteristics to   maintain a good friendship and demonstrates the beauties of obedience and how this way of being brings forth wisdom, peace, harmony and a sense of universal responsibility on the pathway to the attainment of spiritual enlightenment

Ptah Hotep Set 1
Ptah Hotep Set 1
Ptah Hotep Set 2
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