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Wisdom Teachings

Is there any here like Hardjedef? Is there another like Iyemhotep? There have been none among our kindred like Neferti and Khety. I recall to you the names of Ptahemdjehuty and Khakheperresonbe. Is there another like Ptahhotep or Kaires?


Chester Beatty Papyrus IV

Wisdom Teachings

          The Wisdom Texts of ancient Egypt form the foundational teachings that lead a human being to what is commonly referred to as spiritual enlightenment through proper spiritual evolution. These texts demonstrates and instructs in the ways that leads to inner peace, contentment, calm of mind and mastery over the actions of the mind and body thereby leading to inner fulfillment and spiritual awakening. They teach in the ways of virtue and moral excellence and as such are the essential theories and practices by which Maat Philosophy is based, as a means to purifying the heart and demonstrates the relevance and power of selfless service to humanity and a tender heart towards those who are suffering.  The practitioners of the wisdom genre are lead to spiritual attainment by purification of actions and control of thought in which life can be lived with equanimity, balance and power over the lower forces of the mind.

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